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MQTT subscriptions

Artem Kuteynikov 3 years ago in Devices / Other updated 3 years ago 5


   Has anyone experienced problems with values in subscriptions? I`m working with ShellyEM and there are values of power instead of voltage, reactive power instead of power and so on. In MQTT Explorer everything looks fine... Are there any restrictions on subscriptions number or something like this (now i have14 subscriptions for 1 Client)?

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Hello Mr. Artem,

could you provide a bit more info regarding this problem? Did you double check your subscriptions? If they're set correctly, correct values should be displayed.

Any additional info, screenshots will be helpful troubleshooting and resolving this problem.

Best regards, David

Hello David,

i attached video. There you can see data from different subscriptions changing in the same window. There`s also value of reactive_power instead of just power, while in MQTT Explorer everything seems to be fine. i tried to configure many subscriptions in one Client and one subscription per Client - the problem still remains.




here`s another example. It is from shelly door&window sensor: one value in different subscriptions.

Hello Artem,

indeed there is a small issue here with these settings. We'll correct these asap and release an new stable/alpha release.

In the meantime, you can try and use :



And check if you get correct values.

Best regards, David


i tried to use these path:



it won`t work as far as i can see. Anyway, there`s no rush, i`ll wait for update.

Thank you.