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Weather stop work?

Panayiotis Evgeniou 3 years ago in Devices / Other updated by ComfortClick Support 3 years ago 6

The weather don't work .

Under review


are you using the Jigsaw server? Is the weather location selected correctly?

Also, try setting static IP to the server, reboot and check if the connection with weather works ok.

If the issue continues, we can schedule a remote session and check the issue together.

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yes i am using the jigsaw server. weather location is correct but it is not work yet. the weather location deleted after 3 second

I don't have the weather working on jungsol either


did you set the static IP with google DNS ( , and see if the weather works? If the issue persists we can schedule remote session and resolve the issue together.

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yes i set the above but i have problem yet. 


it would be best if you can contact us at support@comfortclick.com and we can arrange a remote session and try to resolve the problem together.

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