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RGBW with Colorpicker (HSV)

Bernhard Haba 3 years ago in Devices / KNX updated 3 years ago 4

Hi Guys,

i`m trying to install my RGBW-LED in KNX MDT-Controller.

The Situation is, that KNW/MDT get an Hex-Code for the Color and i do not know how to get the hexcode with the colorpicker.
I tried the colorpicker from downloads but this will use 4 channels with Red/Green/Blue/White and not one with HEX like the KNX.
How can i get the right Input for it?

Thank you.

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the RGBW control was improved in the last version of bOS. Which dpt are you using? Which version of bOS are you using? Did you try using the 251 6 Byte Color RGBW?

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I´m running 4.8.20.

How can i try it? Is there somewhere an sample?


did you try manually adding the data point in (right click on KNX, add and select 251 dpt)? Add the correct group address and check if it works.

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i tried now but i didn`t take effect.

It works with RGB 232 3 byte RGB.
It`s RGBW not RGB - but it works... So we will mix the colours from RGB.

Thank you