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Change temperatur setpoint for 4 rooms

André Mehlhorn 3 years ago in Devices / KNX updated by Andy Gill 3 years ago 3


I would like to change the temp set point for at least 4 rooms with one button in CC. That means I have to communicate with at least 4 group addresses.

I'm sure there is an easy solution.

Can anyone support me?

Thank you 


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this can be easily done by Scene. You can add all  4 temperature setpoints in one scene. Then in bOS Client user can hold on scene button and set the different temperature for each room.

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Thank you for your reply. Maybe this was a misunderstanding. I would like to change the temp set point for all 4 rooms just with one button with the same value.


Living, kitchen, child and working --> temp set point +1 K. and this just with one button.

You could do it with a program, set the trigger to be onchange of the value of your group variable (Double):