bringing my blinds from KNX to CC

Bernhard Haba 3 years ago in Devices / KNX updated 3 years ago 7

Hello guys,

I need your help on the subject of shading.

I have my blinds now all integrated in KNX and placed on the glass buttons in the respective rooms - now I want to bring the also in ComfortClick and fail.

As a device it is displayed to me but "Boolean" and I suspect here is also the error.
In the demos I find only "Int32" but I can not configure it in this way!?

Where is my wrong thinking?

Is there a description of what I have to watch out for?

Is perhaps in the ETS5 a wrong data value that is output?

Please for your experienced help.





Use the 1byte positioning and status. In bOS change its Data type to shades(percentage) and you should be set. 

Thank you - this helps me a little bit but they are still not reacting.

It works fine from the MDT glass button.

The Telegram is sent in the KNX-Bus but nothing is reacting on it - the telegram is looking equal for me.

Any other ideas?

That's a 1bit value in the picture use this with your buttons - up/down. Can you show us the full list of object you have available for the blinds controller. There should be a percent control value too and its status.

Yes for sure.

I have:

- long action

- short action

- respond position 

- respond tilt

- position 

- position tilt

My groups are:

2/0 safety/room/central

2/1 open/close

2/2 step/stop

2/3 status

2/4 scenes

So i have to give a value to the scenes? 50% or anything else?


Try respond position and position. 

I use these two in my bOS visu. One button slider.

Thank you - your Screenshot was my solution. (but the other also heps a lot)
I created a new group adress for % and this could be sent by CC perfectly.

Thank you very much

Hi Bernhard,

I guess the data type for the following one are either 1.001 or 1.008

- long action

- short action

while these one are 5.001

- respond position

- respond tilt

- position

- position tilt

Jürgen is using only the position and position tilt to set the blind position in his project and therefore only two slider in % value in bOS (5.001 value type).

I guess also the 2/1/2 is on your input 166 or 167, correct ? Can you share a printscreen of your ETS, it might help to understand ?

Personally, i have all command setup in my project (up/down, stop; position, tilt position) as I did find it convenient for my way of using bOS..