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HTTP device reestablishing of connection.

Artem Kuteynikov 3 years ago in Devices / Http updated by Michal Kowalczyk 3 years ago 3


could you describe behaviour of http driver in case of "sleeping" device (when device sleeps most of the time)?

What are conditions when "connected" status is changing from false to true? Does it ping device on certain IP-address after "connected" turns to false?

If so, what is the period of ping?


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what do you mean by "sleeping" device? The http driver's status is based on the last response.

If we send a command and receive a successful response, the http driver is connected. When we receive a bad response, the driver will disconnect.

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Got it, thanks.

i meant battery powered devices, which configured to "sleep" most of the time to save battery charge.

i wandered if there`s a possibility to use value of "Connected" attribute in HTTP device as a trigger to send GET command.

You know: instead of sending this command cyclically, but obviously it`s not an option.

If the device has option to "report" changes from their endpoint I use HTTP driver as TCP server to receive and parse GET they send (ie. Shelly H&T).