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RPC : pass multiple values

Dieter Kraewinkels 3 years ago in Devices / Other updated by ComfortClick Support 3 years ago 2

Hi - I'm looking to pass multiple values to RPC in one call. Can we add multiple SetVelue in the JSON call ?

Alternatively (1), is it possible to send one value and split it later on ?

Alternatively (2), is it possible in a Program to us "contains" operator when evaluating a value in a IF statement ?

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I've tried to pass multiple values by trying to use an array to send multiple "key":"value" pairs, but without any luck.

Something like this:


Don't know if it's supported. Let's wait for bOS team to answer that.

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Under review


unfortunately this isn't possible at this moment. It could be a good addition to our RPC connection and API so we'll add it to our pipeline and try to release it with future updates.

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