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Difference between PlayAlarmPlaylist and PlayPlaylist function?

Christophe MILLARD 2 years ago in Devices / Sonos updated by ComfortClick Support 2 years ago 2

Hi everybody :)

Everything is in the title: What is the difference between PlayAlarmPlaylist and PlayPlaylist function (SONOS) ?

BONUS: Subsidiary question: what exactly does the "Resume" function do?

Because for me, it goes to the next track ...

Thanks for your feedback ;)

Hi again, I precise that I'm trying to use Sonos as Doorbell.

After doing several tries, this is what I concluded:

On a Sonos Roam: the "PlayAlarmPlaylist" function adds the tracks from the playlist to the current playlist, and plays the first track of fresh new added tracks.
Ultimately that would suit me, but it works erratically on my ARC (coupled with SUB + 2 x One), and on my Five:
- Sometimes it works

- Either nothing happens
- Either it adds the (or tracks), but it goes to the next one (so it doesn't play my playlist)

... Please help :)

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thanks you for reporting this question, we will take a closer look. This alarm function is not working 100 percent at the moment. As for your request for using Sonos as Doorbell, you can try using program task as it is shown in the picture below.

Currently in the office we have a similar task for Doorbell:

 - when someone rings the bell 

 - we run function RememberNowPlaying which remembers currently station or song playing on Sonos

 - then we run function PlayFavourite(where doorbell sound is located)

 - we set delay how long the doorbell you want to ring

 - and then run Resume function which will resume the music we played before

Best regards