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Basic TCP connection command

Luca F 3 years ago in Devices / Basic updated by ComfortClick Support 3 years ago 1


I’m trying to control an Epson projector via esc/vp21 tcp protocol.

It requires a connection command to open the connection. 
Than I can send various command to pj. 
if I do it manually( menu function-send) it works perfectly, but if I try to put it in a program to check and do automatically connection it does’t work.  Seems basic device do tcp connection. So it return connected status but in reality the connection is not opened by specific command. 
if I try to send connection command anyway for each command pj closes the connection going.

Maybe I’m approaching the problem in the wrong way. 
Could someone help me with some advice?

thank you

Under review


if it works manually then it should work also in program task. Are you sure you have done everything correctly in program task. Otherwise we can schedule a remote session and try to solve the problem together  but this type of support is billable.

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