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mDNS reply reading via Basic driver.

Artem Kuteynikov 3 years ago in Devices / Basic updated 3 years ago 2


a device publishes its services as mDNS message/reply, is there a chance to fetch data from such message?

As far as i can see mDNS utilizes UDP, but Basic driver configured as: Udp, Device_ip_address, src_port_number (as remote port), dst_port_number (as local port), ASCII, text, won`t do any good. Sniffer shows that device posts requests/replies which contain data i need though.


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try using the following for additional information: 


But unfortunately we don't think it will be possible to parse out the data you require as mDNS response does not use encoding such as ASCII, UTF8...

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Thank you.

That`s not a big problem. And regarding Sonoff devices i`m dealing with, i don`t think it worth the effort.