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Listen HTTP messages from Shelly presence detectors and other input devices

Luciano 3 years ago in Devices / Http updated by ComfortClick Support 3 years ago 6

Hello Everyone. I am tryng to integrate Shelly devices. So far so good with commands and status following the instrcutions that you shared here on the other post. Thanks . I am wondering how to integrating devices like shelly button, imput switch, door switchs,etc  that sleep most of the time and we can not send a GET command. In the case of status swicth it changes the status only to send the message and return to previous status. Is there any way keep listening  to the message that is sent only when device wakes? That means when someone press the button or a door is opened . The shelly device is able to send a HTTP command when some action is detected. Is there any way to keep listening for those HTTP commands? Thanks in advance

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you can check our DoorBird example on our website, how commands via that api is configured in bOS, you can also use our RPC, so when status of a device changes, it will send it to bOS as well, updating status in bOS as well (shelly button 1 changes value, setValue of shelly bOS status in Devices/Shelly/shelly button 1 Value = true)

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Thanks for the reply. I am using the DoorBird example with Shelly button and it is working fine. I will try also the door contact!


A  "Listerner" from DoorBird seems to be the only solution in case of devices providing GET requests as feedback, so could you please advice what would be more rational in terms of reliability: creating  a TCP server for each device or creating one TCP server for whole group of devices to listen? Let`s assume we`re talking about group of 20-30 devices and a small server like Jigsaw.


I use TCP Server for Shelly H&T however there are only few of them...

@Comfortclick - are there any restrictions on number of ports/instances we can open to listen for incoming messages?



how many are you planning on using? For now we haven't received any limits, please note the hardware was appropriate for the size of the project.

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