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Connect bOS to KNX

nguyen nguyen 3 years ago in Devices / KNX updated by ComfortClick Support 3 years ago 1

Hi Ad,

I'm learning the connection between a bOS and a device with KNX protocol.
How many devices can the bOS be connected to via KNX?
If you have a sample configuration of bOS and KNX device, please share it with me.

Thanks & Best Regards.

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multiple KNX interfaces/gateways can be added to your configuration, all depending on the hardware itself.

If you have IP gateways, you can simply add more KNX nodes in your configuration, set correct connection settings for your KNX and you can control multiple KNX gateways within the same configuration (in large projects, many clients use more gateways, 1 per floor).

You can also find our server recomnendation list in the attachment, showing device count for our servers.

Best regards.ComfortClick Servers Recommendations.pdf