How to connect bOS to Mitsubishi air conditioner?

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I am concerned about how to connect bOS with Mitsubishi air conditioner, please help me on this.

What is the solution for connecting bOS to Mitsubishi air conditioners? (local air conditioning and central air conditioning)

I have found 2 solutions to connect as follows:

1. https://www.intesis.com/products/ac-interfaces/modbus-gateways/mitsubishi-electric-modbus-ac-me-ac-mbs-1?ordercode=INMBSMIT001I000

2. https://www.intesis.com/products/ac-interfaces/bacnet-gateways/mitsubishi-electric-bacnet-ac-me-ac-bac-1?ordercode=INBACMIT001I000

Do you have any comments on this?

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Both should work, I've used modbus and KNX versions with bOS. Haven't had the chance to test the bacnet version yet.


I have some installations, with interfaces from Intesis for direct connection between Mitsubishi <> KNX with more than 10 years, still working with zero problems so far, not even a single reprogramming!

Can't speak for the Modbus or Bacnet, but the KNX ones are pretty good!

I'm certain that you can trust their products. As for the integration with Modbus or Bacnet, I think there are some users here who can show you the way to start...

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