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Convert hex to decimal

Fredrik Johansson 3 years ago in Devices / Basic updated 2 years ago 3


I have data that is in HEX but I want to dispay them as decimal is there any function for this? I have not found anything.

And another question; is it possible to enable/disable an device through a command or variable?

The device I am currently working on only has the communication port open for about 20 seconds than it closes resulting in many connected/disconnected messages.

I would like to enable the device, send the command, get an response then disable the device.

Under review


HEX to decimal conversion within bOS is currently not yet possible.

We have received some requests for manual enable/disable devices if they stop functioning and we're planning on adding this feature in the future releases.

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Hi Fredrik. Have you connected any VW LOGO with ComfortClick?

I have tested with V variables and it works over modbus so VW should work to. But I usually use M or AM.