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Communication KNX secure IP

Sebastien Clivaz 3 years ago in Devices / KNX updated by Admirim Toska 2 years ago 7

Is comfortclick expected to be KNX secure compatible?

Under review


currently KNX secure isn't compatible with bOS, however we are working on including this feature in our future updates as well, so stay tuned :)

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Any updates on when it is going to be added in bOS? I read news about KNX attack on open 3671 ports recently.


Hello Kristian,

KNX secure will be available in our next release (hopefully within a week or so).

Best regards, David

How to configure the KNX secure in bosConfigurator ?


to set your KNX secure settings, simply select your main KNX node and fill in the Commissioning Password and Authentication code (make sure KNXnet/IP (Falcon) ) is selected as connection type.

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Is this connection type, Secure, KNXnet/IP (falcon)...  the same procedure for remonte KNX device programing? And we can get connected remotely to diagnostic the BUS ? Or i am mistaken because for me it is not working even made port forwarding 3671 and 443.


Ok thanks for your answer.