Counter Log only shows and stores partial value (incremental)

Paul G 3 years ago in Devices / KNX updated 3 years ago 2

BoS: 4.8.14

KNX data point value

Image 3127

Counter log pointed to KNX data point value above

Image 3128

Why does the counter log only records the partial values and graphically displays the partial values as opposed to the real value of the KNX data point?



The counter log only saves the difference of the values in a 1h interval.

The best way to explain is to check one previous post that I've posted, where I was having some problems with the counter logs with the power consumption value.

Check the reply of Matic Godejsa from ComfortClick on that post, and you'll understand why the counter log doesn't save the exact real time value shown at the moment, but rather the diferences of the value in a 1h interval section.

Counter Log - Help with kWh calculation / ComfortClick / ComfortClick

A short piece of the reply:

"When we first link the input value to Counter log, it remembers the value. Let's say that when we link our electrical energy meter to counter log it's current value is 100 kWh and counter logs starting value will be 100. However this value is not saved in database, because counter log stores only difference in values in interval of 1 hour so it will actually start with 0.

Let say that in next hour our energy meter value will be 110 kWh, that means that consumption in that hour was 10 kWh and Counter log will save value 10 in the database. Then after another hour the energy meter value would be 115 kWh and counter log will add 5 to previous database entry and the new entry would be 15 and so on..."