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Mathijs 3 years ago in Devices / Http updated by Michal Kowalczyk 3 years ago 2


I want to send http requests from my 2N devices (IP intercom) to my bOS Config, so I can open/close the doorlocks installed in Comfortclick.

How can I integrate these http requests (send from my 2N devices) in my bOS Config?

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I believe that the only way it's to use the RPC API, to fire events from 2N on bOS.


There are a lot of users using this service to interface third party systems on bOS, me included, and it works pretty well.

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I'm using HTTP driver to send POST command for relay open task in Akuvox doorphone...

However struggling yet to receive "message" from it for example when successful RFID is read and/or relay opened from outside...