Simple Thermostat

Sorin Teodorescu 3 years ago in Devices / KNX updated 3 years ago 5

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Hi To Alll

im trying to create a simple knx thermostat with the setpoint up and down, and i unable to find the optimal solution, also im trying to display the room temperature and when you press the up or down button to display the setpoint.

im using bosconfig 4.8.5.

Thanks in advance


Up/down switches I used the default thermostat for the demo but you can change the program and calculation values to KNX setpoints.

Setpoint value and calculation step.

Updates the calculated value to the setpoint.

Hi, and thanks for your quick response, i have just tested, and its working fine on the setpoint termostat visualy, but is not sending any telegram on the knx bus, it change directly from 30, to 25 and 21.

Then recheck the program that is sending the value to the setpoint. If it only updates the visual you may have linked the program to wrong group address.

Also check if the setpoint status is correct, that it has the same value as the writable setpoint - if needed use the setpoint status for calculation - Anyway in the calculation it should always show the actual setpoint +- what ever is the step. 

Hi again and thanks for your fast answer, finally i had linked the calculation directly to the setpoint group address, and is working great.

a million thanks