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http device connection error

Gracjan 3 years ago in Devices / Http updated 3 years ago 2

My HTTP devices to publish notifications of the values changes in KNX stop working with reason "Error connecting to device":

Debug : 31.01.2021 15:37:50 : Devices\Homebridge : Exception : Exception : [ErrorConnecting]
Debug : 31.01.2021 15:37:42 : Devices\Homebridge : Exception : Exception : [DeviceConnected]
Debug : 31.01.2021 15:37:40 : Devices\Homebridge : Exception : Exception : [DeviceDisabled]

I was trying creating the new device and moving commands but did not help. The logs aren't very verbose about the reason of failure. Im running Jigsaw. The server the HTTP is connecting to is running fine, i.e. curl queries are working ok. Is there any way to find out the root cause of it? Some more verbose logs maybe?

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seems that the Jigsaw is losing the connection to the KNX bus. Are you able to control the KNX devices via Jigsaw/bos normally?

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"Devices\Homebridge" is the HTTP device. KNX is working properly.