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Central Scene support - Fibaro Button

Andrew Watson 4 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by ComfortClick Support 4 years ago 1

I have a Fibaro Button which uses the Z-Wave command class Central Scene function to report one or more button presses. I have included the device and associated with the controller node successfully. Central Scene provides a KeyAttributes value which changes in response to multiple button presses. However, I have not been able to find a simple way to use the value - it does not appear in the usual dialogues for using a value, presumably because it is not a boolean, integer or double and there are no templates and I can't create one. My workaround is a program task which triggers on any change of the KeyAttributes value - I then have to use an "if" statement for each possible attribute value to set an integer variable. This seems to be a really complex way to be able to use the value - is there a better solution? I also have the same issues with the BOsEnum type which also lacks templates and value support etc.

Configuration Jigsaw, latest BOs, Aeotec USB Gen5

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since one node receives multiple values, we need to ask which values is received in the trigger. You can use the scene function from the button as a trigger for the scenes and other tasks (1 press, scene 1, 2 press, scene 2...) or you can make a program task like you created..

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