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Is it possible to send email notifications to more recipients using one user profile? I have created a "Service profile" that several service technicians will have access to. Push messages can be configured so that each user (Service 1-4) receives notifications. Unfortunately, that kind of notifications come only in the case of an actively running "bOS Client" application and additionally they can be turned off from the phone menu, so the service technician may not read the service request in the push message form. The e-mail method is definitely more reliable, but I don't see the option of adding the e-mail address of each person assigned to a specific user profile.

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You can separate them with commas, without the space between them(email1@zzz.com,email2@zzz.com). Should work. 


I can confirm that the comma separated emails do work.

Nonetheless, the e-mail received will show the e-mails to whom the e-mail was sent.

Let's say you place 5 e-mails, on your e-mail "to" field it will show your e-mail address plus all the other e-mail accounts that also got that e-mail.

Despite that, it works.

Thanks for the tip Jürgen.

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Which version does it work on? I tested on 4.7.20 and when I add more than one email address, the notification doesn't come to any of entered addresses.
I think, better solution is to create an email group on the mail server and send one group email. This will eliminate the problem that Ricardo wrote about.



I'm very concerned about beta versions, so I never use beta software for production, never. Only for internal testing purposes, and only at the office.

So I'm using the stable 4.7.0 version on a Jigsaw.

On the user profile, I placed two email addresses, and they are both sent.

I can test later on my office beta version to see if I get the same results.

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