HTTP device - command using headers not working

Calin Birtocean 4 years ago in Devices / Http updated 4 years ago 1


I have been using the http device connecting to an API. 

All the commands GET/POST work properly as long as there is no header used.

For the commands GET/POST where header is required it stopped working and there is no value returned for the Response Data.

The parsing is UTF8 for encoding and JSON for type.

Trying to log and monitor, there is only the RunFunction but no ResponseData or StatusCode for the commands having the headers. 

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Providing more details:

This is one of the commands:

The header:

It only returns some very old data(I had the device down for a while) when editing the header window. Data disappears after couple of seconds.

I ran the same command using the https://apitester.com/ and it returns good data.

Here is a response of a similar command which doesn't use the headers.

Do you guys have any tips on this? The commands using the headers used to work, I had the device and server down for couple of months and now it doesn't work.

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