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Room Thermostat KNX

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Hi to everyone I am trying to make a room KNX thermostat visualization by using bOS. What I need to do is to control a fancoil and an underfloor heating /cooling valve as main system . First I want to have On/Off for the system. Second I need to turn the fan coil fans speed to automatic , and to manual mode if needed. Also If the the fan mode is to manual I want to control this in steps like fan 1 , fan 2, and fan 3 and back again to 0. Another thing I want to see every time the room's temperature. Also I want of course to change the setpoint of the room thermostat. From the visualization program I want to have Heating / Cooling to be changed (I noticed when I am changing the status from ETS from Cooling to heating mode the icon is changing the opposite I don't know why is this happening). I forgot to mentioned that when the setpoint is changing I want also the setpointing temperature changes to appear of course in the visualization program. Also I want o have the valve of the underfloor heating/cooling to be turn On or Off when the appropriate temperature is set (and see the status of course ) . Last but not least is the 3 modes I Comfort , Away , Night that I want to insert it to the visualization program.  I tried to insert at the beginning  the Room's temperature and it doesn't show me the correct number. Should I have to change it to another format or sometthing?

Image 2798

Also the ETS 5 is showing the correct format.

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which datatype do you have selected in bOS? For temperature 2ByteFloat values are used to display correct values.

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Oh OK thank you it works now! What about Setpoint and the other controls I have to make from bOS? Is it possible to send me the appropriate data type I have to use for each control?( Setpoint, Heating/Cooling mode change, modes like comfort, away, night, fan speed control etc.


Great to hear it now works!

Well setpoint would be the same datatype, you'd just have to change the Template of the group address in your Config.

Setting it to "temperature setpoint" will allow you to adjust the temperature and not just read it (of course if the group address has R/W value).

Same would go for mode, usually 2ByteUnsigned values are added with 7.001 Value 2 Ucount type. 

You can also, add under KNX, "KNX" folder, which contains templates for modes, fan speeds, etc.

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I understand I will try that and I will get back soon to inform you . Thank you very much.


I tried to add the KNX inside the KNX folder but it's empty folder with nothing inside why?

And also where I can find the 2ByteUnsigned values with 7.001 Value 2 Ucount Type?



make sure you select Template once KNX node is added in. (picture)

When you add a new KNX group address in, once you select it, you can see the type of the group address.



Oh OK I understand that I will check it as soon as possible! Thank you!

Hi , I cannot find how to create a new 2byteUnsigned value with 7.001 Value Ucount Type for setpoint changing? It is showing me this format when clicking on to the setpoint icon

You have to do this in the bOS Configurator. Go and open "Devices3, go and select "KNX" and add a new node