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Sonos bug

Francois Lesueur 4 years ago in Devices / Sonos updated by ComfortClick Support 4 years ago 4


The previous and next buttons are not working : nothing is happening. (If I'm using the Sonos App, I can go to previous / next track)

The Playlists and Favorites buttons are working on the Sonos predefined frame ; but when I want to use these functions on a dedicated button, it's not working : nothing is happening. 

I'm on Jigsaw KNX V4.7

Additional information : I'm on Sonos V2. 

Also, track title is not working either. 

I have another old system on Sonos V1, and it might be working better ; I'll have to check when I can access this system. 


I think it depends what are you listening, with radio's the previous and next buttons are disabled, but if you have a playlist done then they should work. I tested on 4.7.24 beta and it worked for me - i was able to skip tracks when playing playlists, and song names and pictures changed too. Sonos is updated to V2

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Hi Jürgen, 

Thank you for your answer. 

After a night with the Sonos interface up and running on my ComfortClick system, everything is now working fine, except the Playlist and Favorite buttons. I guess the interface needs some time to be fully operational... except for the Playlist and Favorite buttons, which are still not working. So, this needs to be fixed by the ComfortClick team.

Under review


which version of bOS are you running? We tested again on stable and latest BETA version, in the current beta version, some visualisation buttons are experiencing some anomalies, which we will fix asap, however Playlist and Favourites buttons work normally here. Did you try re-adding the sonos device into your visualisation?

Best regards.