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Not import ETS 1 byte 20.102 HVAC mode

Gruyère Energie SA 4 years ago in Devices / KNX updated by Paul G 3 years ago 4


I try many times but the 1 byte DPT 20.102 HVAC mode is not imported. 

The datapoint is visible and correctely identified in the first step, but in the final step the DPT not present

In finaly the value is not imported to the bOS.

Silly question, but did you try to add the node manually ?

Yes manually its' work, but it's not the good way.

Comfortclick have you test it this issue ?

Under review


indeed it seems to be a bug/issue with importation of the group address. We'll try and resolve the problem with the new update.

Thank you for reporting this problem.

Best regards.

hi, this is common not only for DPT 20.102 but for every other data point that is longer than 1 byte. There's a big issue here....I could send multiple screenshot of DTP not imported properly that require manual workarounds to make them work. This is very weird that errors like this re-appear when they were solved time back