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matej bregar 4 years ago in Devices / KNX updated 4 years ago 2

Hi there, I have Jigsaw installed and connected to KNX bus.

But since then whenever I try to set new KNX devices in ETS, I get error message "More than one device is in programming mode". I have to shutdown Jigsaw to assign an address to new KNX device.

Do I have to do some additional setup steps to connect Jigsaw to KNX, I guess it has to be something with Jigsaw being in programming mode?

Thank you for your help, Regards

Lol, it happened exactly the same to me yesterday.

On my house, I didn't had that problem because my modules were already addressed prior to the Jigsaw installation. But it happened to me yesterday on a customer.

It looks like the Jigsaw KNX interface is using the default 15.15.255 address to communicate, which is also used as the modules factory address.

Can't really tell you how to change the KNX address on Jigsaw.

What I did was to disconnect the bus from the Jigsaw, and download the address to every device first.

I would also like to know if there's any workaround.

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Well, KNX address of Jigsaw could be changed in Configurator, at least I think so?

I'm not sure what "best practice" should be, to disconnect Jigsaw from KNX bus when other KNX IP interface is used?