Dimmer relative, down button can't be used

Vinatoru Mircea 4 years ago in Devices / KNX updated 4 years ago 1


I added a dimmer switch (3.007 Control Dimming) in my project, and I can't use on the down button control.

After I edit the button it switch to the up control. Even in the dimmer template is the same issue.

Is this a bug ? It can be fixed ?

Disregard that, 

The bOS Configurator even if it doesn't show the control as a down option when you came back to edit, it applies your chosen option (in my case the down control).

I was mislead because when I created the true and false toggles to control the dimmer, I didn't chose the "MouseDownButton" type in Manual Style - Operation settings, and if is in Automatic style the default Operation is to "Set button" and when is pressed it doesn't do the need it option.