How to send MinMaxAvg to bus

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I would like to send an avg value (from the tast MinMaxAvg) of 3 values to the bus as a status (1byte).

Have anyone an idea how to do that?

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You need a KNX group address, to receive the value.

If the group address is empty (or by other words, if it doesn't have any object on ETS), and is to be used only to get the value from bOS, probably you'll need to fill the group address with a dummy object). You can find a dummy application for ETS, that has several datapoints, you just fill your KNX address with a 1byte value from the dummy application.


If the knx address where you'll update the value coming from bOS has already something linked, you don't need the dummy application.

Then, on bOS side, you will need:

- Create, import or manually add that KNX address

- MinMaxAvg node, where you'll dump your values

- A program task, to send the avg value to update the knx address

On the Program task, you can do the following:


- Choose MinMaxAvg node, select AvgValue, ValueChanged(OnChange), click on Allow retrigger

- On the Commands, Add, SetValue, choose the KNX address, change Constant to Value on the properties, select Add, choose the MinMaxAvg node, and choose the AvgValue.

Hope it helps.

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