Simple KNX short Long operations

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for example the shades up/down/step command so the shades keep moving up or down until end or stop command. Can it really on via a program? 



Yes, you can use Program tasks to send values to those addresses. Either if they are the 1bit DPT (like move, step/stop), or 1byte (0-100% position). You just need to use Set Value on the command, inside a Program task.

If you're talking about not using the percentage controls on visualization, and prefer to use direct buttons on visualization for move up/dw, step/stop, you will have to use those 1bit addresses (previous added on the KNX node), and create your own buttons.


- Import the 1bit KNX addresses, or create the values manually on KNX node

- Import them to the visualization

- Example for a move up button: change the Style to manual, change the icon (let's say an arrow up) change the control type from ToggleButton to SetButton, and choose the correct value for that button. In this case False value (to move up).

- Copy the up button, past as new button, change the icon to a arrow down, and set the value to True.

And so on...

Hi Ricardo,


putting the Style to manual was the clue

still need to solve the short/long press (short for step, long for free run)

otherwise I need 5 buttons step down, step up, run down, run up and stop. 



There's actually no dedicated value just for stop.

In practice, you get 1Bit for Up and Down values, and 1Bit for Step and Stop values.

So you actually only need 4 buttons: UP / STOP + STEP UP / STOP + STEP DOWN / DOWN

Move up/down KNX address: False to move up; True to move down

Step/stop KNX address: False to stop / step up; True to stop / step down

If you don't want the 4 buttons on the visualization, because it takes some space, you can use a button with a form pop-up, and then place the 4 buttons there. This way you can have a button with a shutter icon, and when clicking you get the 4 control buttons. Kinda like the percentage bar when pressed, but instead percentage bar, you create a pop-up form (Panel).

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got all this to work but kind of pity it's not possible to use a single button for both short and long press commands, one of the benefits of most domotica systems (so customers got used to this).

In the same area, juts provide a pulse (for opening a gate) seems to require some tweeking (atleast I could not find any thing that just send the state of a button (on when pressed, zero when released)