Relay board C0135 Integration with Comfortclick

Alexander Paredes 5 years ago in Devices / Modbus updated 4 years ago 8

Hi. i would like to know how this Relay board can work with comfortclick

it use MODBUS RTU and can be controlled Using the software in this Site,

also there is a guide on the website, http://www.bizkit.ru/en/2018/12/13/7222/

Image 2290


If you know the modbus registers then it should work with bOS with no problems. If you dont know the register you could use a RMMS modbus master simulator to figure them out.

Add modbus driver under the devices in bOS, then choose the correct COM port and start adding the registers for the relays.

Hi, i found the Mod bus Register, but i do not know where to put this info in comfortclick config

First add a modbus driver, connection is RTU with a baudrate of 9600 everything else leave as default.

Then add a boolean device, fill out the slave address and register aadress.

Test if it works. You need to make 4 of them for each relay.

Hi i created the Boolean device, then according to the info from the device i  added the slave address and the Start address as a register address for the 1st relay 

Then i added the Boolean Device to the theme but does not respond.

so here is my question? does this value (write Single Coil  0x05) need to be placed somewhere??

just to add more info, here i show you a screenshot of the software that comes with the device. So for example to turn on the 1st relay i just place a 0 on  Start address and a 1 or 0 to turn on or off the device respectively


Start address 0 is for the first relay. 1 is for 2nd, 2 for 3rd and so on. <-- this is marked in bOS as Address

Now for debugging can you make sure you are connected to the board - check the modbus Value tab - if its connected

Try to switch the boolean's value - it shows you true or false values but they basically mean 1=true 0=false

And by selecting modbus table Coil it means  (write Single Coil 0x05) so no you dont need to add it anywhere else.

Ji Jurgen Sorry for the delay, i am tinkering again with the relay board, as you mentioned  in the modbus value tab is appear as disconnected, so for some reason comfortclick is not detecting correctly the interface, here some picture


never mind i found the issue,, since it was connected to the Qmod master, comfortclick was not able to find the rs485 stick, now is connecting and working fine,later i will post a little guide on how to integrate this Device to BOS, in case some one would like to tinker with it as well, thanks for the support