IPcam Foscam IP FI9900p

Dave De Busschere 5 years ago in Devices / Cameras updated 5 years ago 7

Not able to get streaming to work.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong?

Image 2266

Image 2265

Image 2267

Try it like this http://%u:%p@IP:PORT/jpg/image.jpg

example for Hik-visions camera.

Nope, not working.

I had some result that I changed the onvif port to 554, now ComfortClick detected the camera, but it won't show any streaming. When I click on the config Onvif line it says the cam doesn't support onvif??? I active the onvif in the cam and assigned a port??

Some bug in confortclick? or am I missing something?

I did als entered the lines like a move (not showing in the screen shot, is an other trying)

I also have a second cam Link 5222L it's detected by ComfortClick, it says it has onvif (true) but when I click on the config the same als with the fiscal "cam doesn't support onvif??"

Same here streaming.

Why can't It be just plug and play????

I have a few different cameras and Onvif doesn't work with some including a Foscam, I get the same "camera doesn't support Onvif" but they definitely do.

Yep, same here. I still have a generic cam that does not show up as Onvif supported cam though it has Onvif active. But for me it isn't a big deal because it still works without it. I thought it was cameras old firmwares fault.


To avoid this kind of problems, I usually use simple jpg or mjpg "streaming", which is actually a collection of images. As this is supported by almost every devices, I avoid Onvif/RTSP streaming on bOS.

Is it suitable for you, or does ir really need to be done via RTSP?

Best regards

and how do you set this up?

maybe a stupid question, but for me nothing obvious anymore ;-)