Control PTZ camera Presets

Francisco Oliveira 5 years ago in Devices / Cameras updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 2 years ago 6

On cameras with PTZ, there is a command to goToPreset. What parameters should I use?

I have several presets defined in the camera already, but its impossible to request it from bos.

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Usually the presets can be called with the specific ptz url from the camera, if supported.

So if your camera does support that, you'll need a url to call each preset and build some buttons or tasks to fire them up.

Like Dahua for example:



Thanks for your answer. I'm using Hikvision camera. that don't work... any idea? thanks

Perfect! That's it. You need to try it out first, sometimes they changed the urls, but if it works, you're done with the problem.

I pointed out Dahua as an example, as I didn't knew what manufacturer you were using.

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hi. I'm using IDIS Camera. Can you tell me the url to call preset



I don't know IDIS cameras, but a small search led me to their FAQ section, and it says that IDIS cameras support the ONVIF Profile S, which I think it includes PTZ control.

According to the Onvif organization:

"Profile S also covers ONVIF specifications for PTZ control, audio in, multicasting and relay outputs for conformant devices and clients that support such features.".

Probably the best way would be to use the Onvif Device Manager software, to try to find any useful url's.


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