Weather forecast use in login

Kristián Vojčík 5 years ago in Devices / Other updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 5 years ago 1

Hello. I am trying to find way to use forecast data for irrigation logic but other than on visual seeing it I can not find way to use it in Program logic. Is there way to do that or it is possible to add it to next update maybe? Thanks.



Weather forecast on version 4.5.16 provides several data that you can use with logic tasks etc. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a value for rain for example...

Other than that, you can use the available values:

- Windspeed

- Wind Direction

- Wind Chill

- Visibility

- Humidity

- Pressure

- Temperature

For irrigation logic, probably the only values I'd use, is humidity and temperature.

You can create a double for humidity, and a double for temperature, and then use it on irrigation logic like:

If temperature is below xxx and humidity is below xxx, trigger something...

Or just use humidity for example... Create a task, with the Humidity value as a trigger (chose the correct condition for you below), and do something like: if humidity is less than 50%, turn on the irrigation.

Hope that it helps.

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