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tesla powerwall 2

Mecat SAS 5 years ago in Devices / Other updated by Fabien Fuster 5 years ago 3


I need to connect into bos two inverter solaredge and a tesla powerwall 2 unit.  No matter with solaredge, any suggestion for the tesla unit?


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you can try and use our basic driver and integrate the powerwall into bos. Some API information can be found online, which you can try and test. Additional information can be found in the link below.


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i've created an http device

filled host url, user and password with tesla credentials

basic autentication is true

encoding utf8

parser type json

The device is connected

Then i've created an http command

command   curl

method GET

bos retuns the message :

invalid URI: the hostname could not be parsed

any suggestion?

thanks for help



If the file host url is set, the command should most probably be /api/meters/aggregates

I hope this will help