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IP camera dont work

Jose Benavente 5 years ago in Devices / Cameras updated 5 years ago 3

I configure the cameras and in bos client i cant see nothing.

I want to get image from my NVR100L, if i put in chrome http://%u:%p@%ip:(PORT)/getimage1 I can see my camera (channel 1).

Image 2082

The cameras in log seems connected, and the first and second error I have got them but i dont know why...

Image 2083

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did you try adding just the camera into the bOS instead of NVR camera image?

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Im going to try this, on the other hand I cant see forwarding message in my users like the email tutorial video... 

I cant send email through gmail :(

Finally, I config with ONVIF in lan and I put the cameras with ip lan, and Its working... Thanks!