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pop up alarm messages

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Hello ,

I am having a question regarding Pop Up Alarm messages for Hotel rooms. We have a KNX project for a hotel and we have install a Sledgehammer Server. We have create the Users such as Reception and Room's Users . Inside each Room we have 3 different push buttons for 3 different alarm functions which are: Do not Disturb , Make Up My Room and Room Service. What we need to do is anytime the customer of each room when pressing one of these buttons the Reception will receive a pop Up Alarm message on the screen . I have tried to make this configuration but I didn't get any pop-up messages when pressing on of these three buttons. Any ideas how we can make this work? 

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currently we don't have a pop up option in bOS. You can however, make a ShowPanel function on a certain trigger. E.g. when room changes status from OK to Room service, client will automatically open room panel where room which requires room service is displayed (picture in the attachment)

To create this, create a program task, under trigger add your room's notification button, under command add Run function, select your Reception user and select ShowPanel function and select the panel where you have the rooms listed.


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Hello and thank you for your answer.

I have allready created the Tasks with triggers and Run . I hope this is correct . But at the Panels how I am going to create like this one you send me in this image? I mean a panel with all rooms inside (of course there are about 40 rooms and we have to create more panels) . So, how I am going to do this like the one

you send me and the room will automatically  will turn depending the function the customer is pressing? Also for the room that its in OK mode should I have another function for this? And is it possible the reception to cancel in someway this alarm after seen this message? I mean if the room service was sent to the room and everything is OK in someway the room's status must be turned to OK status am I correct? This must be done from the Reception each time. 

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If you have more rooms, you can of course make more panels to fit all of them in so they don't look too crammed. You can also divide your panes for floors as well, to make it transparent. So the rooms that are in the picture I sent, were Modes added into the frame. You can create a Mode for the room, under Unit add modes that the customer can choose from (cleaning, OK, room service...) when the customer changes status (e.g. from OK to room service) reception receives an alert and panel with the rooms is automatically displayed (for the panel switch, you need to add the ShowPanel function). You can of course create any mode you want (changing the OK to normal, etc..)

These statuses can be changed in the reception as it's a simple Mode placed into the frame, so after the client receives room service, the reception can change the status back to OK.

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I am rewriting to this post cause I want please someone to tell me how I am going to change the status of a room ( Do not disturb , make up room) but using only one icon and just changing the message and the color of the message and icon. Just like the photo you send me in your previous answer. Is it any update for a pop up alert message in the last update of bOS? And also how I am going to create the message OK to cancell the make up room , if the room is allready cleaned up and turn it to OK from the reception? What triggers and how I am going to create it? I have to create 3 different triggers for each occasion (Do not Disturb, Make Up Room,  Room Service)? Also how I am going to divide a frame for showing the rooms like in the picture below?

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to have multiple choices like shown in the picture, where the client can choose between do not disturb, room service, etc; you simply create a Mode in bOS, drag it in the visualisation and play around with the (collections) function.

You can choose between different icons, colors and so on.

You can then also create message tasks, program tasks and so on, that will notify the reception for cleaning, also creating a task which will set all services to OK.

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Is it possible to show me an example cause I am not so familiar with these tasks? 

Thank you in advance


you can find button customisation for this function and many other, explained step by step in our youtube video:

There are many other video tutorials available for you as well.

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Hi and thank you for your answer. Yes it's working great now regarding the changing status of a button. But how I am going to change it to OK status by reseting all the messages and turn it to OK  by using the task you mentioned above? Do you have another video for this too? And also what about pop up messages that comes out when the status changes, so that the receptionis doesn't have to always watching the screen if one room's status changes? 



great to hear you're making some progress with the visualisation.

You can create a program task that will set all the mode values to OK, and the reception can click that button once every room is cleaned (example).

You can create message task that will send notification/email/alert to the reception if they don't have the client open all the time, notifying them of any room services.

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Hello and thank you for your answer. Is it possible to tell me with more details how I am going to do that ? Cause  I tried to make a program task but I don't know how to turn it the OK mode so that the reception can turn it to OK mode 


Also I tried to create a program task but this also is showing to the room's list where also the customer can control it too except the reception. I think that the customer can anly see the message that the room has been cleaned and not be able to change it from like the other room's conditions. On the other site also the reception can only see the condition per room and not be able to change it by mistake, but only change the status if the room is allready cleaned.

This is what the customer can see and change (He can change also the Cleaning status  of the room which is a mistake) , and this is exactly the same what reception can see and change it too ( must only change the status to O.K. ) and not be able to change the other conditions ( From Do not Disturb, to Make Up room e.t.c) that this must be for viewing it only purpose.

I dont think you can add buttons to the integer values that are just made just as labels(none user selectable) I think you should add just the values you want the user to select(DND, Clean room, serve food and maybe all OK - for canceling previous services) all statuses should be made as labels for the user (room has been cleaned, food as been served) Then you will make program that if the User select Clean room the admin will get a notification and the button will turn RED in admin panel and also users status. If the food as been served only the admin can turn it off. Or the client can cancel their orders by selecting All OK and a program will turn all the statuses to true again.

Hi and thank you fro your answer. Is it a way to show me how to do that? I mean I don't have to create integer and create different programs? On program for DND another one for Clean room and another one for room service and OK for cancelling all the previous status? And what about notifications that I have to create? And how I am going to create cancelling of all orders? Sorry about that but I am trying to find out what is the best solution for having a smart system for hotel solution. 


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You need to play with program and messages. Have fun.

Thank you very much I will try!