Setup - HSM02 - Wireless Mini Door/Window Contact Detector

Andy Gill 8 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated by ComfortClick Support 7 years ago 3

Hi Gents,

Anyone had any experience with this:

HSM02 - Wireless Mini Door/Window Contact Detector

Can not include it on my network, following the instructions (as far as I can understand them) it says take the battery lid off and move magnet away and it should be in inclusion mode, which it seems to be but i'm getting nothing from my Zwave dongle?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



this is the documentation I found for HSM02.



Hi Jure,

Yes I've read the manual, and tried following the inclusion instructions, but it will not include to my dongle.

This isnt a BOS issue as I understand it but just thought someone may be using them, I have some fibaro units on the way so may give up with this unit but just thought I'd ask first.