Goodwe Solar power API/Modbus

Jürgen Jürgenson 5 years ago in Devices / Http updated by Cablea 2 years ago 6


Has anyone messed with Goodwe solar power inverters or Ezloggers Pro?

I'm trying to display solar power information in our tablets.
Goodwe uses a cloud based service for monitoring.
I found some API info from here http://euapi.sems.com.cn:82/swagger/ui/index#/ but so far I have no luck getting info from the API for my devices. There is a good chance i'm doing something wrong as i've not used API's with bOS that much.

Option 2 is to use modbus, it should be easier at least for me - i'm still waiting for modbus register table info from their support.

Well im stuck, for some reason the rs485 is not working at all, inverter and Ezlogger has some authentication option built in so if you don't auth then it will not try again after 3 tries. I'm not sure how to do it when i just want to monitor the parameters from bOS. The LED on the Goodwe controller for rs485 is not lighting up, and i think its because of the auth.

Does anyone have a example as how can i auth with modbus RTU from bOS?

Same thing for the API would be awesome too. I think it has the same problem right now although i've tried to auth with it, it gets some response data  but the Json value is empty.

"hasError": false,
"code": 100003,
"msg": "missing parameter.",
"data": null,
"components": {
"para": null,
"langVer": 19,
"timeSpan": 0,
"api": "http://euapi.sems.com.cn:82/api/api/PowerStationMonitor/GetInverterPowerAndIncomeByMonth"

I've contacted Goodwe about this but they have not responded. Haven't found a good manual for the API either.

Did they send you the register table?

Noup, not yet. My boss still needs to sign a NDA with them, they are keeping it a secret. But I found one on some forum after a long search(don't know if it's up to date though). I think the problem is with the authentication because the led on Ezlogger is not lit for the rs485 monitoring output.

I asked for a API manual too, but still no answer yet. As i've not played with APIs before I didnt get it to work either.


me gustaria tener actualizacion sobre este hilo, ya que estoy intentando integrar los inversores goodwe en bos y a traves de API y no tengo exito.

Sorry no, I didnt get far with it... The client backed out of it too and I dont have the time test it anymore. Also I tried to login into their new semsportal yesterday and couldn't anymore, that makes testing it even harder.

Ok, Yo estoy en conversaciones con goodwee ahora mismo pues tengo una empresa de instalaciones solares y necesito tener esta solucion, si no me la dan me veré forzado a dejar de suministrar goodwee. Supongo que esto hara un poco mas de fuerza al respecto. Os mantendre informado.