modbus write value problem

Andy Gill 5 years ago in Devices / Modbus updated 5 years ago 0

Hello there,

I'm on the latest Beta, I'm getting an issue since installing with a Modbus device, it's an I/O module but this only applies to the Digital Outputs which operate by setting the corresponding bit for the digital output.

However, despite the program I use giving out the correct value for the outputs I want on, the Uint16 register only changes for a short time and reverts back to the previous value, and doesn't change the device state? on occasions it does work making it all the more confusing, it's almost as if it's reading back the value from the Modbus device? even with "read Cyclically" off.

It wasn't happening before I upgraded, and to make it even more confusing it's not happening on two other similar devices!?

Any ideas?