Use KNX-pushbutton to activate a scene

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I looking for a way to activate a scene from Comfortclick with a KNX-pushbutton in a project that i'm working on.

Any ideas how i can use the button as a trigger for a scene? 

That is actually quite easy.

Set the push button in ETS to send TRUE to a group address when clicked.

Add this group address in Comfort Click and use it as a trigger in a scene. 

If you want to toggle between scenes you can create a "Program" to handle that or use Long or Short press as an example.. 


This works fine for triggering scenes, however if you call a scene from a KNX toggle button and then change it or switch it off with bOS Client you will have to push the KNX toggle button twice to call that scene again. If that makes sense..

Do you know a way so that the KNX toggle button updates when using bOS Client for the same scenes?

Also do you have example on how to toggle between scenes using ''Program task''?




You really shouldn't use a toggle button to activate scenes.

If the button is only to be used to activate scenes, change that button from toggle to send 1 every time it's pressed. Set that value as the trigger of the scene on bOS, and don't forget to activate the allow retrigger.

If you need to use the same button to turn on/off a light, and also some scene, you can set that button as a two function object. The short press, to toggle some light, and the long press to send 1 every time it's pressed, for using as a trigger for the scene.

I have it at my home, and it works perfectly.

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Thank you Ricardo, I will try that. 

My plan was to toggle between scenes on one of the KNX buttons and have one button designated for ''All OFF'' function. I'm not there as of now. 

The ''All OFF'' button is programmed with ETS and when pushed all light shuts off like it should, but when calling the scene after ''All OFF'', the KNX button for that scene needs to be pushed twice.

Maybe you have screenshots or something that can show how you programmed it?



Toggle between scenes? Sorry, I'm not following...what do you mean? I usually have maximum 2 scenes per button:

I don't use KNX scenes anymore, I create the scenes on bOS and trigger them from the buttons. It's easier, faster, and very quick to change.

Example: Scene X: enter home; Scene Y: all off

Button configuration: Two objects (Short press / Long press);

Short press; Set on ETS to always send 1 when pressed;

Linked as trigger of scene X on bOS (Condition = True; Allow retrigger);

Long press; Set on ETS to always send 1 when pressed;

Linked as trigger of scene Y on bOS (Condition = True; Allow retrigger);

So in practice, short press activates Scene X, and long press activates Scene Y;

Now, about your scenes: your ALL OFF scene, is a KNX scene / Master KNX group with the group addresses, or is it a bOS scene? So I can try to help you further.

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Your solution sounds good, two scenes per button. My plan is also to move away from KNX scenes an program everything with bOS.

Do you use one KNX group address for each object on the KNX switch? And then link them to scene X & Y separatly?

For the ALL OFF scene it is a 1bit master KNX group address.



Yes, I use one KNX group address for each scene call. In the example above, I use two objects, one for the short press and other for the long press. This way I can have two scenes on the same button. And I link each address as a trigger of each scene.

All my scenes are created this way. That allows me to dynamically change the scenes on the app, and know that the button will just call the updated scenes.

Don't forget to set the buttons to send "1" everytime, set them as triggers of the scenes on bOS as Equals = True, and activate the Allow retrigger option.

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It would be great if client could add and delete commands to scene. For example programmer adds 5 lamps to Welcome scene, but clients wants to add some more lights or add ventilation speed command or something similar. Or clients wants to delete some command from the scene, not just disable it.

There is currently no option to add or delete command on the scenes, only via Configuration tool.

But if you want to do that, insert all of your commands on the scenes, and let the customer enable or disable the commands, there's nothing wrong with that. The only difference is that when opening the scene setting, the customer will have a bigger list of things to choose.

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