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Hex codes for serial device dissappeared after upgrade to 4.4.4

Brent Broge 5 years ago in Devices / Basic updated by ComfortClick Support 5 years ago 3

I believe I was at 4.4.2 and now my projector on/off stopped working. Here is an error after the upgrade:

Devices : 2/22/2019 9:48:37 AM : Error : Devices\Projector\On : Error initing setting: Devices\Projector\On.HexData Unable to cast object of type System.String to type BOSCommon.ValueTypes.CMString. at lambda_method(Closure , Object , Object )
at BOSCommon.Data.SettingData.SetValue()
at BOSCommon.Data.NodeHost.InitObjectSettings()

Can you please let me know if i can download the old version? 4.4.2?


I had alot of Hex codes disappear after the update. I backed up my configuration of course but when I try to re-import the backup it still gives the above errors with all my hex codes missing. I tried manually looking them up and typing them back in and it worked however, is there a way I can download the old version, import my config, and copy and paste them over manually to my production version? It is going to take a long time to manually look these up and get them back in if I cannot utilize my backup configs.

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apologies for delayed response, we always recommend using the latest version, hence the no "older versions" availability. We'll take this option into consideration and see if we could add "Older versions" to our web page. For now, you can contact us at support@comfortclick.com and we'll manually send you the older version of bOS.

Best regards.