Komfovent C5 Modbus TCP

Jürgen Jürgenson 5 years ago in Devices / Modbus updated 5 years ago 3

Hey Comfortclickers

Has anyone integrated Komfovent C5 with bOS? Could I get an example for it? I've made one for Vallox but havent had the time to make it for komfovent.


Modbus KOMFOVENT C6.bos

So I made this maybe its some use to somebody, the visu part is in Estonian, but all the values are in English(shouldnt be hard to translate). This is for the C6 but it should work as well for the C5 if you change the modbus addresses. There may be some errors that i havent tested yet, but changing the speeds(I use only 3 speeds right now, Away, Home and Guests) and getting the right values back works. 

Oh and there is another extra feature that the client needed but you may not need. The option to control the ventilation from the thermostat, so these value may be deleted form the speeds program.

Turns out they installed C6 units instead.


Thanks for sharing Jürgen!

Never used those products, but thanks again for sharing the integration.

Best regards

I made a better version for C6 and vallox with some bug fixes. Added it to bOS templates for review. Also did the same/similar template for Vallox ventilation units. If Comfortclick approves them, then they will be available for download.