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Jaume Almirall 5 years ago in Devices / Basic updated by Fabien Fuster 5 years ago 3


I'm using a electrical energy counter, the values recived are in W, mA, mV, and I want to convert to KW, A, and V.

How I can convert these values? 

You can either go through a task calculation or a log scalling...

Here, one of my exemple for the power value

where to make some calculation through a task



I receive these values (4bytes) from KNX device, and I show as labels in a panel, there is no  "Scalling" option as yu showed me.

How can I change scalling value when I receive values from a KNX Device.

Thank you very much.


The scalling is only available if you go through a "log", as shown in the top picture above.

If you don't want/need to go through a log, you will need to use a task calculation to convert from A to mA, and link the label to the calculation output, not to the knx device output value

here, as an example, how to multiply x1000 a current input value:

Hope this helps