bOS Values for 1byte are different in KNX

Jürgen Jürgenson 6 years ago in Devices / KNX updated 6 years ago 2


Our client wanted to change ventilation speeds from the thermostat. Ventilation runs on Modbus everything else is on KNX bus.

This may be a really stupid question but... i found that when i put a value for 1byte in bOS 1 then KNX sees it as 3 and value 2 as 5. But in bOS it shows the correct values. Ventilation has 3 speeds that we control (0 is for away, 1 is home, 2 is guests) I made some screenshots. 
In bOS

Image 1742

Shows as correct value in bOS

Image 1743

But in KNX sees it as 3 and value 2 as 5 in knx

Image 1744

Is this normal or am i missing something? 

I got it working though by changing the values in the Thermostat to 3 and 5, there is no problem with value 0 :) . So now every thermostat shows the correct status and from every thermostat they can change the ventilation speeds. But I find it weird that it changes the values like that.

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Make sure the value type in bOS es set to the right type. If it's set to "scaling", bOS will interpret that as a percentage and so it wull send it that way to KNX. Maybe you should set it as "value1Ucount".

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Yep that was it, thank you Noel. 

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