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Dave De Busschere 6 years ago in Devices / KNX updated by Fredrik Sandblom 5 years ago 13

I have some some dimming lights (controlled buy dali gateway), they are programmed in ETS and working fine.

Now i'm trying to control theme with comfort click without succes.

I have the following adresses:

3/4/0 switch (switch)

3/4/1 dimming (dimming control)

3/4/2 value (percentage 0-100%)

3/4/3 status (switch)

I used in comfort click the following adress:

Address: 3/4/0 switch

status address: 3/4/2


the slide goes directly back to 0

the light does nothing 

Hi Dave.

You should use 3/4/2 as address and set the status address to the status object for (0-100%) not the switch object.

You can also try it without status address but will not get the status back from KNX-bus.

Hi Frederik,

Thanks for your reply, the slider works in comfort click, it respons/reports when i use the hardware push buttons.

BUT, when i want to control the light using comfort click the slider slides, but the lights remain off.

Even when i use the hardware button to turn the light on and use comfort click to change the dimming% the lights don't respond.

What is your DALI Gateway ? On mine i have 5 nodes :

1/ Switch

2/ Status

3/ Light Level

4/ Light value

5/ Variation

My setting (working fine in bOS) is control with "light level" and feedback "light value".

Looking more in details of the ETS way of programing your Gateway might help.


Hi Dave 

Why slider works when you use you wall button is that you use the the light value 3/4/2 as status address. When using the buttons this address will get it's absolute or relative dimming value.

In ETS and as Fabien says look for feedback or status value for relative or absolute dimming value. Set a new group address like 3/4/4.

In Comfort Click set 3/4/2 as address and 3/4/4 as status address.

If you are unable to use ETS you still can use Comfort Click for setting the dimming value by just set address to 3/4/2 and leave status address empty. This will not follow your value that you have set using your wall buttons.

If you tell me what Dali GW you use I may be able to tell you were to set the feedback/status value.

Hope this helps!

The DALI Gateway is from Zennio "DALIBOX Interface 64/32"

- translation ;-)

3/4/0 switching

3/4/1 Dimming

3/4/2 value

3/4/3 status

Hi Dave.

I have never used that Gateway but had a look in manual :) 

In ETS you should create a new group address and associate this to the Dali Gateway "Status Object for Dimming Value", say 3/4/4 as an example. 

In your case it looks like you have the On/Off Status Object set in address 3/4/3 not the Dimming Value Status Object.


Thanks for the reply, but i'm no ETS whizkid. 

When i try to put the Dimming Value (Status) - 0-100% in the group 3/4/3 Status i get an error message " object size differs".

I'm only able to put the Dimming Value (Status) in the group 3/4/2 value 

@Fredrik : you are too quick for me ;-)

@Fabien 👍🏻😝

Hi there,

I'm not getting there. As i told i'm no wiskid with ETS.

Here are the object functions i have and the group addresses.

Can someone tell me what object to what group address in ETS

and what address and status address to put in Comfortclick.

Thanks in advance,


Sorry Dave. Did not see your reply.

What I can see from the screenshot, you have linked group address 2/3/4 to several objects both absolute dimming value and two status objects.

In ETS, do the following. Unlink group address 2/3/4 from object 49, Absolute dimming and link a new free group address, ex 2/3/5. In Comfortclick and set the new group address as address ex 2/3/5 in this example and 3/0/0 as status address. If it doesn’t work you may also try 2/3/4 as status address.

Hope it will work for you!

Thanks Frederik,

IT WORKS !!!! :-))

Hi Dave.

Great to hear that it works!