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Anybus M-Bus/ModBus TCP 80 Gateway

Jürgen Jürgenson 6 years ago in Devices / Modbus updated 5 years ago 4


Has anyone used this gateway with bOS? I'm trying to read out mbus (W.water, C.water and heating) meter values with bOS from the anybus gw, in anybus I can read the meter values and it has no problems with the readout. But in bOS I can't get the correct values to show. Scaling should be correct (0,001 for the water and  0,01 heating), i have tried almost all register numbers but none of them seam to display the correct values. 


Settings for the w.water meter, register address should be 130 or 150, but it gives constant 0 for value, with 149 I get a response 16,017 but it's the wrong value.

Image 1448

Modbus GW settings

Image 1449

Anybus meters with register numbers.

Image 1450

Any ideas what am I doing wrong?

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addresses provided in the pictures are from Mbus, can you provide addresses of Modbus?

Make sure you're using correct Modbus table (holding, input registers).

bOS starts the modbus table with 0 not with 1 like many other modbus programs, so if you want to read 150 address, you will need to enter 149 in bOS to get the correct reading. Scaling should work as intended, you can tweak it to get the correct results in bOS.

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Heres a pic of the modbus monitor, the value 88 is correct. The value for 149 in bOS outputs 7,495 and reg 150 outputs 0. I've also tested reg 153, its output was 6,656. 

I am requesting modbus holdingregister and scaling is 0,001. 

Anybus support told me i need to check if the offset is correct, but i dont know how can i do it or what is the right offset, with the monitoring software it seams the offset for the meter value is +3. but the value for 153 and 152 was still incorrect in bOS. Im a little lost. 

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Ok, we got it working, problem was with data format, the anybus manual said it needs to be Bigendian, but it actually needed to be littleendian. And values don't need to be scaled for some reason...
We still have some problems with some of the meter values, they do not display the correct value for the current volume, but i don't think this anything to do with bOS. 

Big thanks to comfortclick's support for directing us in the right direction!


I'm having another problem with Anybus. I wanted to put the Read interval to half hour(1800000ms) but after this i noticed that the gateway started to disconnect after every 5 min.  It works fine with 250ms though, has anyone had this problem? The longer readout is clients request, because it only reads water and heating meters. I wanted to to this inside bOS so Anybus would still log meter values, I could change the read out interval in Anybus too.