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scene and z-wave

Francois Lesueur 6 years ago in Devices / Z-Wave updated 6 years ago 4


I'm using scenes with all my Z-Wave devices (about 20 of them). Scenes on a room by room basis are working ok. But when I wanted to do the classical "turn off all the lights in the house" when leaving, I got a couple of lights remaining ON, while they were shown as off on bOS. (I'm using a KNX Jigsaw with a Z-Wave USB dongle).

I added delays everywhere (in the scenes, and in the program that is calling all "OFF" scenes on a room by room basis) ; it improved a lot reliability of my "All off" scenario. Still, one or two lights remained ON while shown as OFF. 

A solution is to run the "All off" twice, but that's not very nice, and it's taking quite some time with all the delays I've added. 

So, I can understand that sometimes Z-Wave commands get lost, but I'm struggling to understand why a "OFF" command updates bOS status to "OFF" for a given device, while the device is still on, which means that no "OFF status" has been sent to the controller. 

I'm also wondering how scenes are working, i.e. do they take into account device acknowledgment ? Do they re-try to issue the order if they don't get correct device acknowledgment ?

I'm also using scenes with KNX on another system, and they are working perfectly fine. 

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for KNX devices, there usually aren't any issues when triggering large amount of devices at once (scene ON/OFF.

For z-wave devices, since they are wireless and some battery based, when triggering multiple at once, seems some packets get lost and the device does not turn off.

The scene does not know the current status of the device, it just sends the command that is set in the scene.

One thing you can try is, try setting a delay in the scene settings, it could take a bit more time to change all the values but at least all the lights should turn off.

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Thank you for your explanations.

When a scene sends the off command, does this force the device status to off in bOS ? 

Or does bOS wait for the device to send back to the Z-Wave controller the off acknowledgment before updating the device status ? 

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the scene sends the off command the the device, when we add the delay the scene will put x amount of delay between the sent commands. The statuses in your visualisation should be updated after the controller sends current status of the device.

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Thank you for your answers.

From what I've seen, it looks like that : 

- when using scenes, device status is updated directly by the scene, regardless of the actual device status

- when using a direct OFF command, status is update by the controller receiving the status device

So, basically, to get e reliable ALL OFF macro, I'm doing first an all off through scenes : this is turning off most devices, and all devices status ; and then I'm doing an all off with direct off commands, to turn off the few devices that haven't been turned off due to lost Z-Wave packets. 

If I'm doing an all off with only direct off commands, with appropriate delays, I have still some device status that are not correct ; likely to be Z-Wave packets status updates from device to controller that get lost.

The workaround is good enough for me. You can close this ticket. Thank you.