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I am facing a problem cause its the first time I am using Sledgehammer Server . The problem is that via bos Configurator I select the IP/interface automaticlly after searching but when I am trying to just turn on /off a light I am getting an error message saying that device is not connected. I am testing the same channel with USB / knx interface and its working Any help?

Image 1377

Image 1378

Image 1376

In the value tab, does it say connected ? What is your gateway ?

Hello my gateway is this  from Light control http://www.lightcontrol-knx.com/?p=518

Where is the value tab you mentioned before?

Yes I found it and it says Connected

Also is it possible to tell me how did you create the push button both with dimming and On/Off together?  I saw it in the image you send me and I need to create this for my project.

refer to your original post

OK what you suggest me to do regarding KNX/IP gateway?

Did you use your knx gateway from other device succesfuly before ? The screenshot above say "connected = false". Try maybe with other connection type...

Also, is your ETS configuration correct ?