ETS Status import

Vassilios 6 years ago in Devices / KNX updated 6 years ago 8

Hello. I have imported from ETS4 all group adresses including status for on/off functions, staus for % dimming and status for % shutters possition.

I want to create push buttons with bos Configurator for example on/off push button that will have always status of the lamp to know when a light is on or off. How I am going to do that?

You can go and check https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBP27yceCnbji7PKsq3hexw/videos and https://www.comfortclick.com/Software/Manuals/BOSConfig?print=false#Building. You will find most info there.

Briefly said, if you have set the KNX address and corresponding feedback address correctly, all will work automatically on the theme button if if this one is setup to display the feedback.

The above is just an exemple as the feedback can be set in different ways / color / etc...


Thank you for you answer.

Is it possible to create both On/Off + Dimming % at the same push button? How I am going to create this?

Like one in your photo you sent ?

Create a frame containing a bottom menu within the main frame and insert your two command knob.

I can't see Menu choice

in my push button I made why?


It is not in the button menu, but in the holder frame menu. Do a right click on your button and hit "select holder".

Instead of inserting a button straight in your panel, you have first to add a frame. You will have to add the button within this specific frame.

OK I understand . Thankyou very much for your help