Configurator Aborts on Alexa Command

Tom Kessler 6 years ago in Devices / Other updated 6 years ago 9

I've moved my BOS system from desktop to a Intel NUC server and apparently messed things up in the process.  I've reinstalled BOS a couple of times with some Modbus I/O, that part working fine.  Then I added my Alexa Appliance back in.   But when I give a command, Alexa says not responding, then Configurator aborts and won't allow me a log in again.   Here's a video...  How do a complete clean reinstall or otherwise fix this?

Hello, have you seen that there is a cyclical reference in \Tasks\Light?

Can you be more specific?   thanks..

At the bottom scrren, left side, there is a status bar that indicates errors, there is a refrerence for a ciclical refrence, similar to a infinite bucle, it could collapse the system a make hang it. 

Thank you.!.I'll check...

What would be the way to reset the server/configurator program so I can log in?  I'm on Windows Remote Desktop..

Go to BOSServiceMonitor and shutdown service, then restart service and you could log in, take care don't trigger again or you will enter in bucle again.


Could you solve the problem?

Thanks, it'll be a few more days until I can get on the system.  Previous times I shutdown and restarted it still wouldn;t let me login, but last time it did.    I think you've given a good answer, I just need to spend some more time on it..This is at a vacation home and I only go on weekends...

This is fixed.  I had an erroneous circular reference in the task .  Should have been blank. Thanks..